P0471 508 2.0

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P0471 508 2.0

Post by dariobrb »

Hello good people,

I drive Peugeot 508 2.0 HDI 163 Hp 2011. With approximately 330000 km, but it behaves like it has 120000 km.(Maybe i revert km to 120000 on cluster(joking :D)).Only problem that i have now is occasionally Engine management light, Diagbox says this with error P0471:

P0471 : Particle filter differential pressure sensor.
Characterisation : Variation in voltage outside the tolerance
Status : intermittent
Location : local
Variables associated with the fault
calculated load value : 058 %
Linearised coolant temperature : 078 °C
Turbocharging pressure : 1576 mBar
Engine speed : 1824 Rpm
vehicle speed : 030 kph
Intake air temperature : 027 °C
measured air flow : 0039 mg/stroke
Pressure in the rail : 0988 bar
atmospheric pressure : 001 mBar
battery voltage : 14.256 V
Time counter : 47494492
Mileage : 331233 Km
measured air flow : 0612 mg/stroke
Flow of gas through the particle emission filter : 0129413 l/h
Temperature after catalytic converter : 0100 °C
Particle filter differential pressure : 0065 mBar
PEF differential pressure sensor voltage : 0963 mV
Particle emission filter differential pressure offset : 0002 cnts
regeneration of the particulate emissions filter in progress : Regeneration inactive
Distance covered since the last regeneration of the particle emission filter : 0098 Km
Total additive quantity in the particle filter : 0002 g

ON 315000 km cleaned DPF, there is enough DPF liquid in tank, changed DPF preassure sensor(one on the back of the engine) but with no luck.
Error keep coming back sometimes after few km, sometimes after few hundreds km. Dont know what what else should i check.(Wiring to the sensor seems ok). Any advice is welcomed.
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Re: P0471 508 2.0

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Here's the fault descriptor for you.
Fault Code: P0471
Description of Fault: Particle filter differential pressure sensor: Voltage variation outside the tolerance. Electrical fault, variation in the differential pressure more than 120 mbar/s.
Conditions for Fault to clear: 10 successive starts
Downgrade Modes whilst Fault is active: Deactivation of the request for regeneration of the particle filter from the diagnostic tool.
Warning lamp MIL.
Symptoms: No effects immediately perceptible to the customer.
Suspect Areas:
  • Particle filter differential pressure sensor
  • Electrical harness
  • Connector
So I would start by checking and cleaning the electrical connections, make sure the pins are making contact and are not dirty or bent.