Jumpy/dispatch oil recommendation

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Jumpy/dispatch oil recommendation

Post by Shaharisrael »

Hey guy's im new to citroen so i love to have your help.
Sorry for my broken english.
So first my car is Citroen jumpy/ dispatch 2016 engine type rhh DW10CTED4 163hp auto transmission.
I dont find anywhere the recommended oils i have to use (engine,gearbox, transmission, power steering etc.).
Today i was doing my first service and change oil filter and oil
I use mobile 1 esp 5w30 (i was looking to n71 2290 approval)
I like to know if its okay and where can i find the oil types approvals and capacity i need in my car?

Thanks and love from israel ❤️
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Re: Jumpy/dispatch oil recommendation

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Hi and welcome.

Pop your VIN up so I can see the engine code and determine correct Oils.