307sw 2.0hdi oil grade ?

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307sw 2.0hdi oil grade ?

Post by Huskyxantia »

5 30 is mentioned once in service history
Seller said he uses 10 40 .. now im confused..

Any recommendations
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Re: 307sw 2.0hdi oil grade ?

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Have a look at the oil guide I put up. This is the older one but includes the temperature chart and oil grade diagram at the top.

https://frenchcarforum.co.uk/wiki/Citro ... arbox_Oils

If this is for the 307 VIN ending '709', then you have a DW10TD engine with code RHY.

You can therefore see that the following oils are compatible, which grade will depend on the climate and temperature you want to protect it to: So in the UK this would vary between 'C' - Moderate' to 'B' - Cold. Look at the top diagram to see the sliding scale of protection and pick the best one within the 3 grades permitted for this engine I have listed below:

5W30 Oil (B71 2290)
5W40 Oil (B71 2296)
10W40 Oil (B71 2300)
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Re: 307sw 2.0hdi oil grade ?

Post by RichardW »

Ran mine on 10W40, always seemed a bit smoother on semi synth, but that may have been wishful thinking! It's a lot cheaper than the 0W30 C1 that the Blue HDI requires...
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Re: 307sw 2.0hdi oil grade ?

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

I used to use the fully synthetic oil from Asda (which, I believe, if made for them by Comma), for around £25 for 5l. Both of my Xantias and the previous C5s (all of which had 2.0l HDi engines without any DPFs) were happy with it, and it was the right 'standard' for the engine (whatever the code was!).