5008 powered wing mirror

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5008 powered wing mirror

Post by paddypaws77 »

Hi! all.
Does anyone know if it is possible to dismantle and do a fix on a 5008 powered wing mirror that folds out too far? Everything seems to work fine only that the mirror swings out way too far when opened with the motor.
It seems like something may have slipped out of sync and I would like to dismantle it to see it it can be fixed. Are they put together in such a way that they can't be taken apart?
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Re: 5008 powered wing mirror

Post by GiveMeABreak »

There are no parts available from Peugeot. These are classified as replaceable units, although the mirror motor only, outer shell and and glass are available as spares. If it's the folding motor then no.

Have you tried manually disengaging the mirror, so when it is normally unfolded, simulate a knock by gently moving the mirror inwards. Then use the central locking to lock and unlock the car a few times to get the mirror to re-engage. That may solve it.