Wheel Bearing Failed 3 Times

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Wheel Bearing Failed 3 Times

Post by NeamusBoi »

I’ve had my Peugeot since 2018 and before I’ve received it, I knew it had the wheel bearing changed on the driver’s side twice.

I got it changed as soon as I received it as there was a knock and there was no problem.

But now, I took it took it to my local mechanic as I noticed a knocking noise coming from the passenger side and he mentioned that it is the wheel bearing.

I don’t understand how this is the case as a wheel bearing is a press fit part that should last a long time.

I’m suspecting it may be a issue with the way the mechanic installed it, or it may be the steering knuckle.
I just wanted to know if this is a common issue or could something else cause this wheel bearing failure.

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Re: Wheel Bearing Failed 3 Times

Post by GiveMeABreak »

You seem to be saying the drivers side has been changed several times but now the passenger one needs doing - I can’t see what the issue is as it’s a different wheel bearing?
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Re: Wheel Bearing Failed 3 Times

Post by wheeler »

You wouldn't normally get a knocking noise from a wheel bearing unless it is near the stage where the hub is about to fall off, I would hope you would have noticed an issue with it way before it go to that stage.
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Re: Wheel Bearing Failed 3 Times

Post by picassodad »

On our 306 a wheel bearing type noise had been heard, suggesting the drivers side bearing was at fault.

Both bearings seemed ok, no play, but with wheels off and pads pushed clear of the discs, it was the passenger side bearing at fault. A very notchy lumpy shaft rotation.

Turns out the bearing surfaces where etched due to water ingress. Took 3 tons press pressure for the outer race to " let go" and move. After that please God moment all went well.

Thank God the gearbox diff bearings where ok.

Since lock down and car being dormant, another wheel bearing type noise can be heard. Yet to get her up in the air for a look-see but suspect drivers side bearing is also now in need of replacement.

Doesn't really matter how you get the old bearing out/off as long as you don't break anything.

Pressing in new bearing, only press by the outer race, NOT by the inner race.

Pressing in "hub drive plate/shaft, only enough force to press home and no more else ball could " indent" the races...