Hello from Slovenia

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Hello from Slovenia

Post by andri »

Thank you for letting me in.I have Citroen C8 120.kw.2011.Sorry my language. :-D
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Re: Hello from Slovenia

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Hi and welcome to the Forum. Any issues just use Google Translate to help you along.

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Re: Hello from Slovenia

Post by mickthemaverick »

Hi Andri and welcome

No need to apologise for your English, it's a lot better than my Slovenian! :-D
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Re: Hello from Slovenia

Post by jamescarruthers »

Hey welcome. Slovenia is a great country to visit!
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Re: Hello from Slovenia

Post by Huskyxantia »

Don't worry about the language , I'm english i don't understand myself half the time !

Hope you find this place as much of a fountain of knowledge as what i do
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Re: Hello from Slovenia

Post by Paul-R »

Welcome to the forum. I like Slovenia as well. The caves at Postojna are just incredible. After visiting the caves we stayed at a hotel in Senožeče which had such good coffee that I made a point of staying there again the following year.