C5 Mk1 - dim Colour Multi Function Display MFD

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C5 Mk1 - dim Colour Multi Function Display MFD

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It is common for the MFD to dim with time because the backlight is provided by a cold cathode fluorescent (CCFL) tube which fades over time. The life of such tubes is 10,000 to 20,000hrs. That seems a lot, but the hours soon clock up on older C5s, and that life rating is typically to half brightness...which is dim!. The CCFL tube is no longer available. Second hand screens are likely to be dim also. So, I have modified one to replace the CCFL backlight with strips of LEDs. This is common practice on laptops, monitors and TV screens, but is somewhat more fiddly on the small MFD. Strips of LEDs and their driver circuitry are readily available on Ebay.
I have yet to look at brightness control, but if anyone wants to give the mod a go, I can give some guidance.