C5 wing mirror noise, any tips please?

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C5 wing mirror noise, any tips please?

Post by chunky2778 »

Hi all I have an intermittent, speed related wing mirror noise on my C5 X7.

I did see the windscreen pillar trims were loose so they've been siliconed back down, and the door seals are slightly worn but the noise goes if I fold the mirrors in once the noise starts.

Is this common and is there a TSB or anything on it at all please?
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Re: C5 wing mirror noise, any tips please?

Post by GiveMeABreak »

There was a recall in relation to the windscreen trims coming loose for some models produced, but there are no TSBs. As the noise seems to cease when the mirror is folded in, check the mirror glass to see if it is secured. Failing that as you say the wind may be deflected by the open mirror towards the door / window aperture trims. Check the window rubber seals as moss and algae can get under the seal and gradually loosen these. Wind the windows down and use an old toothbrush with some warm water to gently clean away ant debris and get the seal back to normal.