Replica of Peugeot Break Riviera from 1971

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Replica of Peugeot Break Riviera from 1971

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Peugeot Break Riviera never went into mass production and was designed by Pinifarina, there were only 3 prorotypes of this car.
We made a 1:1 replica of it. We made it exatly the same way that the prototypes were made so we used a Peugeot 504 Coupe from 1971 as our base. For the parts that were unusable or were missing we also cooperated with Pinifarina to manufactur them. We made an extensive reaserch about the originals, we used every avaliable photo and documents that we could find. We had even done scans and blueprints of this car.
We done the bodywork for it from scratch and we had a lot of the parts custom made to be exatly as it was in the original prototypes. One such example may be the rims and the relings which were custom made.
We also tried to recreate the body paint of the prototypes but in the end we decided to go with a little brighter blue.
We also have a project for the inside of the car that will also look like in the original and we are currently working on it.
We also fully renovated the original engine.
We also have scans and photos of the renovation process for this car,
Other than sharing this project we also wanted to find someone who could valuate such a project.
Is someone of you know a person that is valuating classic or/and unique car We would love to get in contact with them.
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Re: Replica of Peugeot Break Riviera from 1971

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Hi, and :welc: to the Forum.

That is a LOVELY looking car, and a credit to you and all who are working on her. I cannot offer any help, other than to say be patient; there may be a Forum member who can help.