Citroen relay, intermittent starting problem,

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Citroen relay, intermittent starting problem,

Post by ColinD »

Hi all. My van has started blowing a 30 amp ignition fuse. It only blows occasionally, say every 10-15 starts. I've replaced the erg on the recommendation of the aa guy (igni2is wired through it apparently) replaced the starter motor, and replaced the ignition switch (not the whole ignition barrel). But it still does it. Tonight the van failed to turn over at all.

I pulled the ignition fuse, thinking it was blown again, but it wasn't. I put it back in and the van started. I don't know if that helped or was a coincidence.

So as the van works most of the time I'm at a loss to know how to look for the fault?

Any suggestions gladly received

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Re: Citroen relay, intermittent starting problem,

Post by Rp0thejester »

Probably dodgy/dirty contacts with fuse. If it keeps blowing the fuse are you sure it's the correct fuse size?