Questions on clutch replacement (207, 1.4 petrol (75hp), 2009)

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Questions on clutch replacement (207, 1.4 petrol (75hp), 2009)

Post by nux »

I have ordered a Luk clutch kit for my 207 and looking to change it sometime soon. I haven't done a major job like this on a car before so I have some questions.

To provide some context, I have looked at a clutch replacement video by Chrisfix, and another clutch replacement video on what seems to be an identical model 207 as well as the Haynes manual pages (Peugeot 207 Petrol & Diesel 2006-2013 Haynes Online Manual).
However, the Haynes manual says to remove the bumper, lights, front crossmember and part of the cooling as if it was to remove the engine and transmission completely..? So I was thinking to attempt to follow the second video where the guy removes the gearbox just enough to access the clutch from below but I am not sure if that will give me enough space.

The clutch kit I ordered is a 3-piece (clutch, pressure plate and from photos what I would guess is the pilot bearing). Do kits like these usually include assembly grease (for some of the bolts as per the Chrisfix video) or should that be purchased separately, if needed at all? And I assume Loctite would not be something to skip during this job?

Are there any gaskets or specific seals (non-standard o-rings or washers that wouldn't be covered by an assorted pack) that will need replacing? If so, would anyone be able to find the part number for them? I looked through EuroCarParts catalogue and couldn't find anything for my vehicle but of course it could be something they don't stock.

I guess this could be a separate post but does anyone know where to find a detailed repair manual that could cover this kind of information, apart from Haynes manuals? I'm not sure if it's due to different trim levels and versions of the 207 or the Haynes manual authors but some of the images and instructions don't really seem to line up with the 207 I have, lol.
Information on DIY work on this Peugeot seems to be quite difficult to come by online hence this post...
Also, English isn't my first language so I apologise for any unusual wording.
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Re: Questions on clutch replacement (207, 1.4 petrol (75hp), 2009)

Post by Ady2021 »

This is the way I did mine. I had the same concerns after reading the haynes manual and followed the same way as this guy instead.

This guy is really good at what he does.
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Re: Questions on clutch replacement (207, 1.4 petrol (75hp), 2009)

Post by JamesSmith1995 »

I have a 207 1.4i as well, and the steering rack motor died. I'm wondering if it's difficult to modify it myself (whole steering rack). I'm not a mechanic, but I have the necessary equipment. I'm only a little nervous about the stuff I'll have to remove, and the exhaust is in the way. It's unfortunate that the gearbox cannot be removed easily, but after watching these videos, it appears that simply leaning it away enough to access the clutch and throwout bearing is sufficient.