Semi automatic transmission

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Semi automatic transmission

Post by Johnewalker »

HI, I have a 2010 Peugeot 3008 1.6 diesel semi automatic, my problem is that the car shudders when moving off, can anyone advise please TYIA.
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Re: Semi automatic transmission

Post by RichardW »

How many miles has it done? Good chance it needs a new clutch.
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Re: Semi automatic transmission

Post by FranklinJ »

For what its worth, my experience with a 2012 automatic (piloted gearbox) version is that I tended to get a bit of clutch engagement vibration pulling away first thing in the morning - probably due to condensation on the flywheel surface. It wasn’t severe and would completely disappear after driving for a few minutes. However, if in your case, it permanently shudders, there will be a problem with clutch wear and I would strongly suggest you do not delay having this checked out by a Peugeot garage before you get a “PNDR” Gearbox Problem, flash up on the dash which could ultimately immobilise the vehicle.

This has just happened to me and without wishing to be alarmist the repair cost, in my case, was massive because it turned out to be not only a complete clutch (which is a Dual Mass type) but clutch kit, release bearing, gear selector and ecu. It does now drive smoothly without any noise from the bell housing which I was getting before but could never accurately pin point the cause of, prior to to the repair, as it drove perfectly, otherwise.