DS7 Crossback E-tense doesn't charge

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DS7 Crossback E-tense doesn't charge

Post by Basileus86 »

Hi guys,
first month with my new DS7 Crossback E-tense 225cv, i have charged 4 times the car with success, 2 with domestic plug and 2 fast wallbox.
But after that my car was never ever charged.
When i plug in the plug, green led starts blinking for 2 minutes, it appears that the car is charging however the time to charge never start to reduce and the % still remain 0 obviously with 0km for range.
After this 2 minutes the led became red, no lamp on the dashboard, no other signals.
If i select e-save the car is able to charge the battery till 100% with the engine.
I assume that the problem started when i have connected the car with an old public wallbox in my town that was broken...
What should i do?
The DS workshop propose me long time recovery to investigate it...
Some one have got this issue?
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Re: DS7 Crossback E-tense doesn't charge

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I think you realise by now this is not going to be an easy answer. There are known issues with many parts of the charging systems on the E-Tense.

Does the charge light LED change from green to white? If not, then it's not the issue I was thinking of. The only way is a full and proper diagnostic which requires specialist testing equipment. So best left to the dealer. If under warranty it should be covered.

I wouldn't mention anything about the faulty charger to be honest - as they may decline to fix it if you knew it was the incorrect type of charger or the power source was known to be faulty.
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