Urgent Help - B1003

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Urgent Help - B1003

Post by JackHowees »

Hi! Due to sell the car today.. this morning the above B1003 fault code and the service light is illuminated.

Addtionally, the car alarm now sounds as soon as I lock it from the fob.

I have tried BSI reset with no luck... Any ideas?
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Re: Urgent Help - B1003

Post by GiveMeABreak »

There are 2 parts missing from the end of the code, so can't help. It should be a 6 alpha / num code. The last 2 makes a big difference as it can apply to the instrument panel, the parking assistance, the A/C or Audio system.

The fault generally refers to a configuration fault or may be a ghost fault depending on the system and full code.
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Re: Urgent Help - B1003

Post by Assich »

Check all earth points are clean