C3 Picasso towbar fitting..

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C3 Picasso towbar fitting..

Post by SwissTony »

Well, I had an urgent need to fit a towbar to my C3 Pic, after the other car we own suffered a failure I couldn't fix in time for our family holiday to Biscarrosse. By urgent, I mean the towbar arrived at 5pm on Wednesday, and we were leaving late Thursday night.

So, on my ramps it went, then one of the captive bolts actually fell inside the chassis leg and another broke, so furious, I gave up.

A strange chap called James (or Alistair? I can't recall) advised me there was a C3 Pic with a towbar in a local scrappy, so, determined again on Thursday morning, I set off to get the clips off it.

I did so. Fitting the actual towbar and ball wasn't a bad job. I've never done one before, but an hour later it was on. Then it was time to do the wiring...

1. C3 Picasso wiring follows no known colour convention I am aware of. Kind of reminds me of my old 2CVs and BXs, where it seemed Pierre in the factory just used any old wire he found after a long lunch of cheese and wine.

2. That strange chap turned up again with a multimeter and saved my day. Cannot thank him enough.

3. Whatever we tried, we could not find a wire for the right hand indicator in the loom in the nearside rear behind the trim. All others were there. Ended up running a wire across the boot floor and up to the right hand lamp cluster, then patching into the indicator wire there.

4. Check all the bulbs in the trailer board before you start. Otherwise you might chase your tail for a considerable amount of time!

Finally got it all finished off about 11.15pm. Had a shower, loaded bags and set off for Dover. Now down past Bordeaux in Biscarrosse.
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Re: C3 Picasso towbar fitting..

Post by citroenguy »

I despise non OEM towbar wiring, i feels like such a hack job. Why make it hard when there is stuff that are plug n play..
Sedre wiring diagrams help alot when faffing around