Citroen AX 1.5D 1994 Injectors pump

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Citroen AX 1.5D 1994 Injectors pump

Post by Theflyingpostman »

Hello, I used to owned my first Citroën AX 1.1 1991 Forte if I can remember. I am interest to buy a Citroën AX again 23 years later but it is a 1.5D 1994 5 doors with 37,444 miles! By two previous owners. Condition is fair good, I was curious which injectors pump this car use, is Bosch or Lucas? I was thinking about in the future if the pump need recondition would the company able to do this?

What you think of 1.0i or 1.1 with Carburettor there are few for sale, I wasn't sure which would be worth to keep petrol or diesel in the future for classic that I can send for recondition parts like Diesel injector pump, steering link, etc.

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Re: Citroen AX 1.5D 1994 Injectors pump

Post by citroenguy »

Seems to be Lucas only on the TUD5 (1.5 litre)
Today most parts of the dieselpumps are NLA.
Atleast for the Bosch pump i have in my Xantia, i was able to get it resealed with new o-rings.

Since i like AX's and diesels, i'd love to have one