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Post by rayc21 »

Hello All,

Been nosing around for a while now and decided I should join in and ask a few questions :-)

I currently own (Peugeot wise)

a 406 2.2 HDi Executive
A trusty (Until recently) 307 1.4 hdi Cost me £250 6 years ago and has been faultless until a few weeks ago where is has a short somewhere in the loom for the ecu

A, new to me, a 2010 2.0 150 hdi 3008 Exclusive which has been off the road 2 years and will be subject to a post. Lovely looking just need to get it going.

I wont bore you with non Peugeot cars in the stable but there are a few :-)
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Re: Hi!

Post by Paul-R »

Hi and welcome to the forum Ray.
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Re: Hi!

Post by mickthemaverick »

Hi Ray and :welc:
An interesting pot of pugs there! :-D The FCF has many non motoring related topics so apart from the expert advice you will also have the opportunity to amuse yourself and possibly even educate yourself, I do almost every day!! From the Board Index above you can find the Off Topic Chat Lounge (OTCL) where you will find an amazing range of things going on from quizzes to challenges and just general discussions on all sorts of things. Have a good look round and join in wherever you fancy. :-D