Xantia suspension

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Xantia suspension

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Xantia 1.9TD VSX had the front and rear spheres changed plus rear height corrector valve. Hydroflush and new LHM fluid. When the car is started, the suspension rises as normal but if left to tick over for approx. five minutes whilst sitting in the car, the rear drops [only slightly]with a thud.Is this normal with this type of suspension[the one which is computer controlled].If you pull off this abnormal occurence does not happen. Any answers.

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Try this: after stopping the car, release the footbrake, let the car adjust it's suspension attitude, apply parking brake and switch off.
The reason I suggest this is that my XM ('93 TD12) does the same as your Xantia if I apply the parking brake while the suspension is under load. It has something to do with the distance between front and back wheels being less than the normal rest position, plus that the rear brakes take their feed from the rear suspension supply.