Peugeot expert tepee problems

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Peugeot expert tepee problems

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It's been a while since I last posted on here but my last posts were regarding multifunction display error messages.
Since then the car has been stood up approximately a year as when cutting my grass a stone one of the dogs had dropped on the grass ended up being fired through the tailgate glass.
Not peed off much honest :rofl2: .
After a long time I eventually found a replacement tailgate in silver so thought swap it over, bloomin heavy lump on your own.
Anyway since I fitted it nothing works electric wise Inc central locking, so I checked the loom and yes the master plug seems to be wired up differently.
My question is can I remove the wires from the plastic plug and replace in the correct place ?
I did think of swapping over the loom but as the high level brake light wires are behind the glass it can not be done easily.
I've another problem with it too in that it's smoking badly I originally bought it as none runner cam belt failure, that had snapped the followers so replaced rebuilt it up.
I thought was it's smoking was Turbo as intercooler and pipes were full of oil so thought seals were gone, so I had it reconditioned and refitted it but it made no difference.
So I thought injector sticking ? So I got a small ball bearing and put it inside injector pipe to stop fuel flow and started engine up.
This method soon showed that the 2nd cylinder from pulley smoking stoped when I fitted ball-bearing in its pipe, returned when removed.
My question is do you think a valve could have got bent when cambelt went or more likely an injector excessively leaking fuel ?
Can compression testing be done through injector hole ?
Thanks in advanced