Fuel pressure regulator DS5

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Fuel pressure regulator DS5

Post by Mares »

Hi mate,

I would appreciate your support on the following problem.

For the past two months I have been having problems with my DS5 2.0hdi 160ps (2011.). Mostly during high speeds (above 80-90km/h) when doing acceleration (to overtake someone for instance) and kick downs, engine failure warning comes up and engine stalls. This is very unconfy situation during high speeds, you literaly must stop aside the road. ECU shows errors related to diesel fuel pump, low pressure in rail system.

I took it to the garage and worker said problem could be with fuel pressure regulator (attached to diesel pump). I asked if it could be injectors, he denied that due to smooth work of the engine while idle. Engine runs well also during full acceleration and normal drive.

Today, I went to another garage just to double check statement of my service men. This garage says it could be also injectors (back pressure problem, or leak?) or diesel pump as well. They said fuel pressure regulator is hardly to fail on these engines. Now I am stuck.

Problem is regulator, which is cheapest solution to replace compared to injectors and pump, but is out of stock in my country and nobody knows when it will be distributed here (due to logistic issues in Europe affected by the war in Ukraine). I am fine to drive a car through the town, but on open roads it is very risky and stressful.

Do you think I should start with regulator or test of injectors and diesel pump?

Garage gave me two serial numbers for regulator: 193345 and the new one 1638151580 (replacement). I am not sure if the new one fits my engine because on the internet I can see it is for 2.0hdi 180ps blue version?

I have Chinese LEXIA. Could I inspect operation of this regulator somehow?

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Re: Fuel pressure regulator DS5

Post by RichardW »

When was the fuel filter last changed?

With the Lexia you should be able to see what the requested vs actual fuel pressure was, and what the position of the pressure regulator was. You can also check the rail pressure - this should pretty closely follow the requested pressure, and should be relatively stable with the engine running.
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