TMC Traffic Info?

This is the Connected NAV system.
Main Features: It is a fully integrated Telematics System featuring CarPlay, Android Auto, Real Time Services, Voice Commands, High-Res Display, 3D Navigation, Bluetooth Hands Free & USB. 2 versions of the system are available NAC (Navigation Audio Connectée) and RCC (Radio Couleur Connectée) or Connected Colour Radio, which does not have the Integrated Navigation or Connected Services.

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TMC Traffic Info?

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I'm still excitedly browsing the user manual for the Connected NAV system in my DS5 (not collected yet).

The manual (DS5 Connect Nav manual p13) mentions the following options...

TMC Traffic data - I understand this, had it on a previous car. It uses data broadcast on an FM radio station to send the data.
or TomTom traffic data - I understand that this is downloaded via a linked smartphone or the car's SOS built-in mobile connection, and also includes lots of other info, e.g. weather, filling stations etc.

I've already checked the DS website, TomTom is £75/year or £149 for 3 years. A bit steep for me.

Is the TMC option available in the UK, and does it need a subscription? When I had it previously on a VW group car, there wasn't an annual fee, you just chose whether to pay extra for it when buying a map update - presumably the update tells the unit whether it's allowed to receive the data or not. Then it lasted as long as you kept using that map, even if it was out of date.

If TMC traffic data is included that would be a very welcome bonus. But I suspect not, as they'd like me to pay for TomTom instead.

Anyone know?