C4GP Auto Selector Not working

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C4GP Auto Selector Not working

Post by kainfs »


After some nuggets of wisdom.
My 2012 C4GP Auto displays Gearbox Fault :Repair needed.
As a result it doesn't auto shift.
The only way to cycle up through the gears is to drive, pick up speed, shift to N the back to M so, its still driveable.
Not seen similar posts so any tips ideas would be most appreciated.
I've already taken it to a clutch specialist who couldn't diagnose the problem. He said the ABS sensors are all good.

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Re: C4GP Auto Selector Not working

Post by GiveMeABreak »

You'll need it diagnosed to find out exactly what's wrong.

If it's the piloted manual (EGS) system it can be lots of things, including clutch wearing / actuators etc.
If a Proper Automatic (AM6), again we'll need some fault codes.

When you have these pop them up with your VIN (automasked on post submission) , ort if you're not sure which box you have still pop your VIN up and we'll let you know.