508 hdi non start

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508 hdi non start

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First time poster here struggling with a 2011 Peugeot 508 2.0 HDI(Delphi engine management) non start.

Car cut out whilst driving and on inspection I think what’s happened is alternator belt broke and wrapped round crank pulley and put timing out.
So head was removed no valve damage, replaced 8 rocker arms on inlet side which were broken and also replaced both camshafts as was informed lobes could be damaged also. Glow plugs renewed while head was off, new head gasket, head bolts, new cam, crank sensors and crank reluctor ring as all damaged by alternator belt. And of course new timing belt kit.
Back together now it will crank but not fire up.
Triple checked timing, including chain on camshafts. done compression test all good.
Checked live data with both Autel and snap on, cam and crank synchronised, fuel pressure just above 300 bar on cranking. No engine fault codes, one BSI code keeps popping up which I can’t find any info on…

B1816-87 Loss of hybrid drive train status info or of starting authorisation info from engine ECU

It wants to start with easy start, I get 2.5V at injector wiring whilst cranking, no reading from other pin, I’m not sure what readings I should be getting to be honest?
So from what I can make out fuel coming to injectors but they are not operating for some reason

Any help from someone with more knowledge than me would be appreciated before I get out the petrol and box of matches