205 series II Electric window door strip down

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205 series II Electric window door strip down

Post by makemine205 »

Never done this before so need some help here . I,m down to the bare metalwork of the door and want to remove the complete electric and glass mechanism for inspection , cleaning etc etc and
the same for the electric lock mechanism. A complete clean and inspection of the door . The window is lacking some speed and the door is erratic opening from inside with the lever.
What do i need to do please ?.
Any help appreciated.
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Re: 205 series II Electric window door strip down

Post by GiveMeABreak »

If the windows are sluggish moving up or down, then try some silicon oil in the window channels and move the windows up and down several times. Over time, there can be a bit of crud that gums up the channels. Silicon spray will lubricate these and save the motor from straining. I do this several times a year to keep them in good order. As rain also gets in (not that you probably have a lot of that in Spain I guess) it can cause rust build up on the regulator wires that will one day just snap. If you are stripping the door and have the card off and the sealing sheet opened, then you may want to put some marins quality grease on the regulator wires whilst you are there.