Gear Stick knob & foot pedal replacement (C4 GP 2014)?

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Gear Stick knob & foot pedal replacement (C4 GP 2014)?

Post by tizdaz »

Hi guys, im wanting to get a new gear stick knob & also foot pedals (Clutch / Brake / Accelerator) probably aftermarket ones on my 1.6 eHDI Airdream C4 GP 2014 model.

What type of fitment do i need to look for when trying to choose a replacement gear stick knob & what is method for removing my old one which is the OEM one?

With the foot pedals, i only want to replace the actual plate end if this is possible, or do i have to replace the whole arm etc? Again what is best method for removing the OEM ones & what fitment should i look for when looking for aftermarket ones?

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Re: Gear Stick knob & foot pedal replacement (C4 GP 2014)?

Post by GiveMeABreak »

The gear knob just pulls off, but beware these can be stiff, so make sure you don't have your face over the gearstick when pulling, as when it does come apart, you are likely to lose some teeth if not careful. The gear knob is no longer available from Citroen, so you'll have to locate a used one or get an aftermarket one. The original was part for the gear levee knob was 2403GY.

Replacement rubber pedal covers are available from Citroen for the brake and the clutch pedals but not the accelerator pedal (as this is a complete part integrated into the main accelerator electronic unit.

The covers are simply inserted over the pedals, but are a tight fit as they need to be for safety purposes.

Can't help you with aftermarket ones - that's down to your choice, but make sure whatever you get fits and is safe and won't come off while driving or in an emergency...