2009 citroen dispatch 1.6hdi anti pollution

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2009 citroen dispatch 1.6hdi anti pollution

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Hello, new to the forum and thanks for the help.i have a dispatch 1.6 , ex taxi, covered 270000 miles but has had an engine change in the past, it was running fine for thd last year until last saturday when it spluttered at an island, gave out thick black smoke then cut out. It would restart but died around 20 seconds later. I got towed home and noticed a message on the display saying low oil pressure. Today i have removed the oil, filter, sump and checked for and filings which it was all good with no problems there. I replaced everything , filled with new oil and coolant and the car started and ran with no oil pressure warning anymore so presume that was down to dirty oil.
I now have an engine management light on and a new message saying anti pollution fault although ive noticed there isnt as much smoke niw as there was. The car will now idle but will go limp trying to drive it.
Any help to point me in the right direction of the cause of this fault would be appreciated or if there is snyone local to telford that can code read it for me id be happy to pay for there time.
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Re: 2009 citroen dispatch 1.6hdi anti pollution

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Without at least getting a fault code from the ECU memory no one will really be able to help you apart from total guesswork I'm afraid.