Citroen Relay Limp Mode/Hill holder/turbo

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Citroen Relay Limp Mode/Hill holder/turbo

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Van —LWB Citroen relay - has recently been in the garage as it was struggling to start. Glow plugs were fused in, removed by a specialist & replaced, as was the battery.

First time out we got a hill holder fault, auto aid also said it was showing a turbo fault - he cleared all diagnostics as the van started and ran fine so that we new any further codes were current and not historic.

Next day ran great to work, again got hill holder fault so took it to local garage. Changed exhaust system sensor which was showing a fault, garage took it out to try, lost power and went into limp mode (reduced power) it now shows a turbo fault again. Engine noise is normal (I say that as the auto aid engineer mentioned turbo would possibility affect sound).

Garage now changed EGR filter but is still getting hill holder and limp mode issues. We have no local commercial citroen dealer so all pointers gratefully received.. We want it up resolved as I'd need to sell it - it's way too big - smaller van being delivered very soon!