Citroen c2 2006 tailgate problems

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Citroen c2 2006 tailgate problems

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I owe a Citroen c2 2006, I purchased the car with a fault in the boot lock. There is no mechanical sound from the motor. I first replaced the switch as I thought this was at fault, I then use a voltmeter to see if there was power going to the switch and the lock mechanism which there was. I then brought a new locking mechanism but this still didn’t fix the problem. I am very stuck with this….and wondered if anyone had any idea of what to do next?
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Re: Citroen c2 2006 tailgate problems

Post by ozvtr »

The switch is 2 pin. Pin 1 is switched ground for boot open request. Pin2 is ground. Shorting the two sends a ground signal to the BSI to request the boot open.

The boot actuator has 3 pins. Pin 1 is unlock power to the unlock solenoid, 12V pulse from BSI. Pin 2 is ground. Pin 3 is the door open switch. Sends ground to the BSI when the gate is open. If you are testing the actuator with the door open (or the actuator not installed) you will need to make sure pin 3 is open circuit (no ground) or the BSI will not attempt to open the gate as it's already open.

If you are not getting the 12V pulse to the unlock solenoid but the rest is OK it's probably the relay in the BSI. The easiest way to repair the BSI is to replace the relay board. The BSI is made up of 2 PCB's. 1 controller board and 1 relay board. Obtain a BSI close to your spec and swap the relay board. The other way is to track down the faulty relay and replace it.