Configuring triple turn indicators on/off -- possible?

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Configuring triple turn indicators on/off -- possible?

Post by yason »

The problem of buying newer cars is that old tricks are no longer needed and new tricks need to be learned. The 2012 DS5 is my only Citroën that's new enough to have the triple turn indicator feature. I spent more than enough time in Diagbox trying to find a configuration item for that feature but with no results. I don't know the newer PSA vehicles too well and have most of my experience with Lexia era cars: am I expected to find such configuration somewhere in Diagbox?

I think I've done an exhaustive search of BSI configuration options but it wouldn't be the first time to find these in unexpected locations/under unexpected modules. I suppose there's an configuration item where you could set the minimum flashes to be 1, 3, ... N or something somewhere in Diagbox menus. I've had cars where you could do that without diagnostics hardware, just via regular options in the central car computer configuration.

Yeah, it's irritating, I'd like to turn the stupid thing off.
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Re: Configuring triple turn indicators on/off -- possible?

Post by GiveMeABreak »

No, don't waste any more time.

Only the newer vehicles have this option and that is with specifically designed LED lights to do the job and the appropriate wiring. There are no options in the BSI for this and there won't likely be any either. The indicator lamp modules are designed for this function which is why they are so expensive.