Citroen Cactus Roof Bars

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Citroen Cactus Roof Bars

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My daughter's '66 Cactus had an accident when holidaying in Yorkshire Dales. A low flying duck hit the N/S roof bar and ripped off the black plastic leading edge - the bit that clips on to the front and looks like a spearhead. Unfortunately the duck didn't stop so she couldn't get its insurers name, etc. or swap addresses. She searched around the area for a good while, but couldnt' find the errant piece, so I think it might be stuck in the front of the duck. If anyone in that area finds either a) the piece lying on the verge, or b) a dead duck impaled by part of a Citroen Cactus roof bar, I would be obliged if they get in touch through this forum.
PS And by the way this isn't an April Fool's joke, it really is something she is desperately keen to have replaced; so far I have found a couple of ads on eBay for used/scratched complete pairs circa £100 -£120, but she only needs the trim, not the whole lot!