Berlingo K9 dashboard rattle

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Berlingo K9 dashboard rattle

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my 2019 Berlingo 1.5 hdi developed strange rattle / rubbing sound almost instantly i drove from the dealership. It was summer so sound wan't exactly pronounced. When it got cooler rubbing / creaking sound got louder. It seems like it's coming from the upperside of the dashboard. Sound like a rubbing plastic / rubber interface or something like that. I've already tried many things: I removed the upper glovebox and i was able to check defrosting / vent pipes and it seems nothing is vibrates or rubs between itself. I jammed a strip of rubber foam inside the gap between windshield and dashboard. It seemed like that was it, but rattle came back. Anyhow, atleast that gives some guidance that problem might be around that area. Rubbing sound is louder during cold weather. It appears when i acellerate / decellerate, make a sharp turn, acellerate uphill... Almost like some bracket is lose. While my windshield was being replaced i asked my mechanic to check if there's something lose and he couldn't find anything. He just retorqued three brackets under the windshield where dashboard is bolted to, but that was it.
Rattle is most likely not connected to cases of windshield / dashboard rattle and vibrations. Had something similar in my old C4 and o solved it by putting a rubber strip in the gap. Problem i have sounds quite different.

Any help would be welcome.