Citroen DS4 2012 Blower constantly on

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Citroen DS4 2012 Blower constantly on

Post by Yitearp »

Hi there i have started to get a multitude of issues recently with the vehicle

I'll start with the topic though as not to bunch up the thread with different answers.

When i start the car the blowers are on full whack and the climate control is illuminated can still control the temps but i cannot turn off with blower with the rotatory dial this again is illuminated but does absolutely nothing.

From what i am reading after a quick search its something to do with a resistor?
When i turn off the engine they are still running for a good 5mins.

I thought this was just the cooling fan from the rad at first.

Any help appreciated.
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Re: Citroen DS4 2012 Blower constantly on

Post by GiveMeABreak »

It's most likely the Blower Motor Control Module that needs replacing.

See this thread: