My car

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My car

Post by Jenna86 »

Hi there can anyone help I'm not very good with cars, I have a citroen grand c4 picasso petrol 2.0 automatic with the paddles today I was driving and it came up depollution system faulty a friend as cleared this but could anyone help and what it could be please it's due mot on the 18th May thank you for reading.
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Re: My car

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Could be any number of things - did the person who cleared the codes record what the faults were? If not, then you'll need to wait till it goes again, then get the codes recorded.
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Re: My car

Post by Jay-Bruce »

The codes your friend cleared would have been invaluable information for diagnosing exactly what was wrong, but assuming the codes were blindly cleared to turn off the warnings I'm going to speculate that the most likely candidate would be the "lambda sensor". At £23 on eBay for a cheapy one, and assuming your frined that cleared the codes can turn spanners, I'd say it's worth a punt?
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Re: My car

Post by wheeler »

I wouldn’t go replacing any parts without at least some diagnostic info unless your happy to throw money away, there are loads of things this could be.