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Chanel 5 Now

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Electric cars
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Re: Chanel 5 Now

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I find those Punter TV presentations irritating, whinge whinge whinge and the usual charging network, lets use a presenter who is completely ignorant, and find a few out of order chargers, shove a microphone under another set of whingers.

A lot of those fears fade away you live with an electric car and get used to it. 21,000 miles, never run out of electricity once, and I have a fuel station at home, as well as many alternatives on the road. Live in the middle of the countryside and do not need an electric car with more than a 24kWh battery, although it would be nice, but not bargain basement.

Thank goodness Ginny Buckley made an part of the programme by a country mile...she should have been given the full programme :-D

Regards Neil