2014 Relay 2.2 DPF cleaning keep vehicle moving

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2014 Relay 2.2 DPF cleaning keep vehicle moving

Post by dannys1984 »


Have started a new thread as I've started getting this error and I know others have had the same issue. I've got a P1490 error on the reader saying that the regeneration wasn't able to complete.

So far I have done the following;

*New DPF
*New 5th injector
*Forced regeneration several times after clearing errors
*Changed the 20amp fuse which was blown which was causing a P15BE error

Is there a relay for the 5th injector?

Really appreciate if someone can shed some light on this.
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Re: 2014 Relay 2.2 DPF cleaning keep vehicle moving

Post by GiveMeABreak »

There are several P1490 codes, you seem to be missing the last 2 digits 68 or 92 from the code, but it's not really that important as these are the only 2 codes in any case for this fault and they are the same, so I've just listed one of the faults:

So it basically it still thinks the filter is overloaded, so I would check the gas temperature sensors are ok (1 & 2) below. I'm assuming the DPF pressure pipes (3 & 4) below are ok too?
relay dpf.JPG
The exhaust gas pressure take-off tubes (3), (4)
The exhaust gas temperature sensors (1) , (2)

it is still detecting an overloaded particle filter. When you replaced the filter did you tell the engine ECU that you had replaced it?
Fault Code: P1490 68
Description of Fault: Particle filter: Driving conditions for regeneration of the particle emission filter not fulfilled. Detection of a particle filter overload: The difference in particle filter pressure is above a maximum threshold. The soot load is greater than 16 g/l. The time of appearance of the fault code is 5s.
Conditions for Fault to clear: -
Downgrade Modes whilst Fault is active:
  • Switching to fuel "normal reduced flow" mode
  • Prohibiting of regeneration of the particle emission filter and stopping of the requests in progress
  • Request for closing of the EGR valve
  • No effects immediately perceptible to the customer
  • Lack of power
  • Starting problem
  • Fluid leak/smells (diesel fuel, oil, etc.)
  • Smoke from the exhaust
Suspect Areas:
  • Tappings for the differential pressure sensor of the particle emission filter
  • Electrical harness
  • Connectors
  • Particle filter upstream temperature sensor