Citroen c4 grand picasso. 2017

This is the Connected NAV system.
Main Features: It is a fully integrated Telematics System featuring CarPlay, Android Auto, Real Time Services, Voice Commands, High-Res Display, 3D Navigation, Bluetooth Hands Free & USB. 2 versions of the system are available NAC (Navigation Audio Connectée) and RCC (Radio Couleur Connectée) or Connected Colour Radio, which does not have the Integrated Navigation or Connected Services.

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Citroen c4 grand picasso. 2017

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Hi, please can someone give me some advise on the sat nav. It's a c4 grand picasso on a 2017 reg.
The sat nav is showing the car in a total different area, so.making the sat nav no good, it's been to citroen main dealers which have said there is a internal fault in NAC W2 audio navigation. It needs replacing in their eyes at a cost of £934 +vat+fitting. (About £1400).
The satnav in the car does work but it need re calibration .
It says/ shows the car in kendal when it's in burnley.
Can anyone help or are citroen right.
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Re: Citroen c4 grand picasso. 2017

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Citroen are right in one respect in that they do not repair them. They will only supply a new one. They are easy enough to fit depending on the vehicle as the touchscreen panel needs removing to replace the unit that just screws in, but it will need configuring via the internet to set up your factory-fitted options and to code it to the vehicle, which is the time consuming part.

If you could source a second hand unit (that has to be the same Wave 2 unit), you would still need to get Citroen to code it for you to make sure all your features worked.