2017 Dispatch 2.0 / Temperature error + power loss

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2017 Dispatch 2.0 / Temperature error + power loss

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Hi all,

First post here as only a recent owner of a Citroen.

Citroen Dispatch / 1400
BlueHDi 2.0
2017 (67 plate)

Been driving around with no issues recently until the last couple of long runs when there has been a problem with the vehicle temperature.

So, normal driving (through towns) the temperature has been as it should be, but once I’ve been getting out on bigger faster roads and hit around 50mph in 5th the temperate needle spikes to the red. If I keep going I get an alert to stop and turn the engine off. However, if I slow down and knock it down a gear the temperature goes back to normal.

After the first instance the coolant bottle was empty so gave that a good top up and just assumed that this was the problem.

Today, it happened again but have been loading acceleration/power. It still drove but was like it was in limp mode.

The water in the bottle/tank is now brown despite it only being in there a few days and only doing around 40 miles since refilling.

Any ideas?