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New member Xantia

Post by Gildas »

Hi all

I have just acquired a 1995 Xantia 2.0 auto as a project.

Seems reasonably OK 50,000 miles been off road for a year.

Got it trailered home now working through everything slowly.

it has what I presume to be the original strut tops and auto box heat exchanger, probably even has its original cambelt

So I have ordered some new tops from the Acitiva club in France and a new ZF heat exchanger from some online company in EU land.

Hopefully will get the car back on the road this summer.

Sure I will come across some unpleasant surprises along the way so will probably be asking plenty of questions here

Best wishes

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Re: New member Xantia

Post by Lancaster-c5 »

Hi Good luck with the project and welcome 🙂