Boxer 2.2 hdi 2014 mini bus / van

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Boxer 2.2 hdi 2014 mini bus / van

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Hi Guys and girls.
Im new here to this forum site so HI to all.
I’ve recently purchased a 2014 Pug Boxer with the 2.2 hdi engine.
The engine is (apparently) kaput. The guy at the garage said the piston rings have gone.
So., im on the case of sourcing another engine. These 2.2 hdi 2014(complete) engines seem hard to come by. I have seen a few refurbished ones on ebay but I would rather buy a complete engine so i know that the turbo , injectors and other bits are ok.
(I have been told not to swap the bits on my engine onto a refurbished block incase the bits are no good and might have caused the initial damage to my original engine)

Dose anyone here know what options I have here?
What engines out of wich makes and models can fit straight into my boxer?
Appreciate any of your help and advice , I know there are a few gurus on here and im a little out of my depth.
Thanks for your time