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C4 Picasso

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Hi guys

I am a returning newbie. I used to be quite active on the Xantia forum and briefly on this one until some 5 years ago when I sent the much mourned HDI 2.0 to that great garage in the sky and changed to Seat Alhambra, which I made to pretend it was a camper.

The 2004 MPV works like a clock, makes 48 mpg on the motorways and could have continued to serve me long years. Unfortunately, with the pending extension of ULEZ to entire Great London, I had to change to petrol as it is much cheaper to meet the emission limits than in post-2015 diesel cars. I have just bought a 2008 C4 Grand Picasso, which I hate from the beginning, mostly for its weird arrangement and complication of controls, electrical parking brake and the lack of a good downloadable manual, but I still needed space to sleep in in the far places I drive to, when the rain falls horizontally.

Perhaps it will grow on me. We will visit a Citroen dealer in London in a few days, to have the car thoroughly inspected. At the moment I'm looking for information what kind of light bulbs is there in the front fog-lights, which, drawing a lesson from an unfortunate hard meeting in dense fog with high kerb at Hamilton Service Station just off Glasgow.

I want to change immediately to yellow. I couldn't find it anywhere. One small comfort is that the Alhambra is not going to be scrapped, it will serve someone in a place with lot of very fresh air.

Any advice on what manifestations of the Murphy Law I can expect will be much appreciated.

Yours truly
Xantia Mourner
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Re: C4 Picasso

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Most Post-2015 Diesels are fine in Mayor Khan's Empire, including the ULEZ, as long as they meet the relevant Euro 6.* Emissions standard and the same applies to petrol. I think everyone pays the congestion charge except certain exemptions including fully electric.

Use the checker here: