Little compartment

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Little compartment

Post by vince650 »

The misses knocked of the little compartment on drivers side. I can’t seem to get the handle on properly there’s a spring thing no idea where that goes so the compartment won’t close now.
Just wondered if I have any bits missing would it be possible for a picture of one that works.

All I have is a handle and a long spring thing.

Ive tried looking on internet but found nothing.

Any help would be greatly appreciated

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Re: Little compartment

Post by GiveMeABreak »

We can't help you with DS3 Crossback parts as this is a DS branded vehicle and we don't have much call for parts on these at present, but that may change in future. On some models they do provide the catch mechanisms and others they don't - so it depends on the vehicle and the exact part that is broken. If you go along to your local Citroen or DS parts dealership and show them, they'll advise if it is available separately and may be able to pop it on for you if it's a quick job.
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Re: Little compartment

Post by wheeler »

Post a picture of the bit your talking about & either the VIN or reg and i'll see if i can look it up for you.
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Re: Little compartment

Post by Paul-R »

Do you actually need a new shield? To me it looks like a couple of mid sized washers and slightly longer screw would hold the shield in position.
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