Something to think about

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Something to think about

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Re: Something to think about

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I follow a Russian dissident writer. He has currently gone dark, just as well for his wife and daughter.
He is usually fairly light hearted and sarcastic.
There are some more serious pieces though, like this one:
Who owns all that steel and mining operations in Nizhni Tagil nowadays? Try not to laugh.

Great Britain!

Mining company EVRAZ is a British multinational vertically integrated steel manufacturing and mining company with headquarters in London, England.
How the oligarchs got rich, Misha Firer

It is quite a long read and very disheartening.
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Re: Something to think about

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London is not the only one, obviously. Putin's oligarchs are also in Italy. Nice to see that the stolen money are getting arrested. Shame that it had to come to this for them to start doing anything about it.