Hi all

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Hi all

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Hello every one .In 2015 I sold my V6 Xantia and finally ended up buying a Alfa GT 2ltr a real flying machine .It was a great time when Alfa returned to F1 and then a even better time when Kimi arrived to drive for us.Sadly the great Kimi retired and the end of his great after race media interviews 😳.As I missed the smooth ride of the Xantia I decided to buy a C5 which I did on Sunday ,thanks to every one who gave me advice in the past Citrojim,Xantia_v6,Davetherave etc l will need it as you will see in the post I put on tonight .
Thanks it’s good to be back 🙂👍H
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Re: Hi all

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Hi, and :welc: back to the Forum. CitroJim is very rarely seen on the Forum, but he can been seen regularly posting on Instagram. Xantia_V6 is definitely active here.