Mk2 C4 informatics screen issue

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Mk2 C4 informatics screen issue

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We currently have a 63 plate Mk2 C4 Picasso exclusive.

I was in and out of the car last week cleaning so the doors were opened a few times getting in and out and sometimes left opened while I was vacuuming the car. I noticed on the top screen that it had come up economy mode a few times while I was doing this. Took about 30/40 mins or so to clean out the car and left it at that.

about an hour later my wife went out in the car and she said the bottom touch screen wasn't working. it hasn't come back on since and she had touched the front windscreen blowers to on and can't ge them off now at 21c because she can't get to the screen to turn them off while driving.

It has been suggested we disconnect the battery for about 20 minutes on another forum which only one person responded saying it fixed this for him. We haven't tried this yet but I am wondering is this a common problem for the informatics screen to do this?

I can't seem to find any information at all on the internet to this problem other than crashing screens but not screens that go off altogether, the radio wont work and when going into reverse the rear camera works but no audio which I assume is linked to the screen.

The other alternative could be a blown fuse but don't want to start taking parts off the car when I don't know what I am doing.

I am assuming new informatic screens are expensive to replace?

The only I don't think I have knocked anything in the steering wheel that could turn the screen off and the only other thing I can think if is wiped the screen area with a baby wipe but can't see that damaging the screen.

Be greatful for some advice before we drag the car into a Citroen dealer to look at.
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Re: Mk2 C4 informatics screen issue

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Hi, and :welc: to the Forum.

If there is a 'glitch' a BSi reset can often clear them (it WON'T clear an actual problem though). It is, effectively, like shutting down the computer, rather then putting it into standby, so the next time it powers up it come up clean. This is how to do it;


There may be steps that don't make sense with YOUR vehicle. This is because this procedure was produced (by Marc) for most C series Citroens so covers lots of different things (such as setting the suspension for a C5 or C6).