New MI16 Member - Fire Damage

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New MI16 Member - Fire Damage

Post by Paynedjar »

Hi All,

Just joined this forum, as I am in need of some assistance. The sunroof motor in our 1996 MI16 shorted out at the weekend and caused an interior fire! I took the car out for a short drive and thought the engine was running a little hot due a slight burning smell. When I got back I went inside the get a cup of tea and then noticed the car was smoking badly!! The roof motor housing and headlining caught fire, melted and then burning plastic dropped down, melted the handbrake, central console and set fire to both front seats. Luckily the windows and doors were shut, so once the interior oxygen was used up the fire went out.

Now in need to two front seats (or the original cloth material to have them repaired), the central console and handbrake unit, new headlining and the unit that used to house the sunroof motor. But to be honest I cannot remember what the roof unit looking like! Is their anyone on here with an MI16 (very few left now), who could PM me some pics of the roof of their car inside? Cannot find any online that show how it used to be. Am determined to get her back on the road, as all mechanicals are good!

Cheers, David
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Re: New MI16 Member - Fire Damage

Post by mickthemaverick »

Hi David and welcome to the forum.
That sounds pretty nasty, I cannot help myself other than to suggest you go to the Peugeot section and create a thread called 'Mi16 Interior help' or similar. While lots of members see the introductions you are more likely to find someone on that thread! Good luck :)
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Re: New MI16 Member - Fire Damage

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

Hi David, and :welc: to the Forum.

OUCH!!! Give it a bit of time and people with Peugeot experience should be able to advise you an parts, etc..