DS5 - manual mirrors fold doesn't work

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DS5 - manual mirrors fold doesn't work

Post by Victor_a »

Hi guys,

Just bought 2017 DS5, fantastic car, but cannot solve a small problem.

While both wing mirrors fold when I lock/unlock the car, I cannot fold them using the mirrors cabin control switch. I can adjust the mirrors using this switch if I turn the knob left or right, but when I turn it in the central position and push down, nothing happens. Based on the car's manual that should fold the mirrors, but for some reason it is not. Tried with both ignition on and off.

Any ideas?

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Re: DS5 - manual mirrors fold doesn't work

Post by GiveMeABreak »

You may have a loose connector in the window/ mirror door pad control unit. Remove it carefully with some trim tools and make sure the wiring plug (s) at the bottom are firmly in place. These can become detached through shutting the doors repeatedly if they are not seated properly. A similar issue happened to me - where one mirror could be adjusted but not the other. The connector was loose.