DS 5 ruined rims questions

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DS 5 ruined rims questions

Post by DJA88 »

Hi all. I have a Citroen DS5 from 2012, i ran into a pothole and my car shakes the wheel and shudders down the road. My question is two fold, is the DS 5 prone to breaking steering components when running into potholes or may it just be the rims that are ruined. My next question is, can a DS 5 run with 17” and et 40 which are the only replacement wheels i can find
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Re: DS 5 ruined rims questions

Post by gouldie »

morning, try switching out a rear to front and run again this will tell you if the wheel is bent also before taking off with the car in the air try spinning the wheel this might show it too. you might have just lost a weight from the wheel which they use to balance it as these can come off when you hit a pot hole.

with regards to the 17" with et40 whats the width of the alloy as this will need to be used to help work out the poke of the wheel from the hub