TV Drama "Stay Close" - Includes a C6

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TV Drama "Stay Close" - Includes a C6

Post by thetapeworm »

Not really "off topic" as such but I wasn't sure where to post this.

I'd completely forgotten that the C6 existed so was somewhat amused to see one on the Netflix drama "Stay Close", that back window and other styling queues are so unusual in a good way. I won't spoil the show for anyone planning to watch it but whoever put the people that use the C6 in there clearly just Googled "bonkers" and the car and their outfits / persona appeared.

Which of course led me to Autotrader where there are just 11 examples available (mainly 2.7L cars, just one of the later 3.0L diesels and one 2.2L) and the gulf of prices between the cars is from £3,495 for an example with 156,790 miles right up to £26,000 for a 2008 with only 7,031 miles on the clock.

In the middle ground comes a 2006 with the "Lounge pack" at £9,450

A future classic or a modern day Austin Princess?
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Re: TV Drama "Stay Close" - Includes a C6

Post by NewcastleFalcon »

Plenty to find if you do a search on the forum for C6 and at least two users who have, or have had a pair of them.
David Hallworth's blog is probably a good start ... mit=Search

Most C6 adverts left lying around on you tube are in German and not very effective or memorable, and probably a doomed attempt to prise a few Germans out of their Mercs, BMW's and Audis.

and this one not Sean Connery's finest role

Regards Neil