C5 Mk1 Park brake Return spring.

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C5 Mk1 Park brake Return spring.

Post by Kristian27 »

Hi, i am once again having issues with the park brake wires seizing , preventing the park brake from fully releasing. i have ordered new cables for both sides.
i would also like to replace the return springs on the caliper lever for the park brake, but i am unable to find these anywherere.. i have found several for the C5 MK2 but sofar nothing that will fit my MK1 with Bosch calipers.

also, when installing the new wires, what's the best way to lubricate them? i think the issue is that the wire seizes inside the protective sleeve, would i need to soak the entire wire in a penetrative fluid before mounting to avoid corrosion within the sleeve?
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Re: C5 Mk1 Park brake Return spring.

Post by citroenguy »

You can not buy the springs separate.
Just replacing the cables schould be enough, unless on of them are bad too.
I usually buy new guides as they seize always.
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Re: C5 Mk1 Park brake Return spring.

Post by myglaren »

I didn't replace mine personally but left it to a mechanic who was doing the MOT.
It needed discs and a caliper, also a new cable. I had him replace the cables and guides and pack the guides with marine grease before fitting, and also blather the cables with the same grease.