2010 C3 Picasso - Not Starting in Cold weather

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2010 C3 Picasso - Not Starting in Cold weather

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This winter, whenever we've had a cold night, my 2010 C3 Diesel Picasso has been sluggish to start next morning, but has started eventually. I though it was just a diesel in cold weather.....
However, this morning, after a previous cold day and night, the car didn't start. The engine laboured to turn over but this time didn't start.
I have checked the battery and according to my charger, it is charged and normal.
I'm wondering if it's the glow plugs? We have been doing short journeys recently too.

Help and Advice much appreciated,
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Re: 2010 C3 Picasso - Not Starting in Cold weather

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

It is probably the starter motor. The 'labouring to turn over' is a classic symptom. You can get replacements starter motors from GSF (and, if you go or a refurbished one, you will get some money back if you return the old one in the packaging provided).
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Re: 2010 C3 Picasso - Not Starting in Cold weather

Post by GiveMeABreak »

More like to be the battery. Have you properly tested the battery? Just because it shows 12V that does not mean it has enough welly to start as soon as the engine is cranked. As batteries age, they lose their capacity and also their ability to hold a charge. So once you put the strain on the battery, it may have no sustained power to start the engine. If you battery is over 5 years old - then it may well need replacing, depending on its health and condition / mileage / driving conditions (short journeys rarely give the battery time to replenish the energy spent starting the vehicle, yet alone the running any electrical equipment) - which will increase in winter months as heaters are used more often.
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Re: 2010 C3 Picasso - Not Starting in Cold weather

Post by wheeler »

Absolutely, get battery tested properly, static voltage is definitely not a good indicator of battery condition. Most places that sell batteries with test it for free.
If you have a voltmeter the best test you can do is to check the voltage it drops to when cranking, if it drops below 9v replace the battery.